In the previous release, we changed our main payment processor and primary currency, improved the ad call process for mid-roll ads, and updated several platform features. With Platform Update 6.8.6. we are introducing an upgraded analytics dashboard, beta testing for our most recent AI tool, and a few added features, all in a neatly rebranded CMS.

New Real-Time Analytics Dashboard 

Starting today, a new real-time analytics dashboard will be available to all publishers. The upgraded dashboard will now show two separate real-time analytics, one focusing on the performance of your ads and one focusing on the overall performance of your videos.

Beta Testing for Our New AI Tool

After a while, with Platform Update 6.8.6. we have released a new AI product. This new AI tool will be used for tag extraction and video suggestions. The product will be in a pre-release state for the first couple of weeks and will then roll out fully across the board for all of our publishers.

CMS Rebranding 

With this release, we’ve given our CMS a complete makeover to perfectly match our brand-new company identity. When publishers log in, they’ll be greeted by a refreshing new CMS design

Full 6.8.6. Changelog  


  • A real-time analytics dashboard with separate analytics for ads and overall video performance; 
  • Beta testing of our new AI tool for tag extraction and video suggestions; 
  • Complete rebranding of our CMS to match our new company identity; 
  • An integration wizard that will guide new publishers through the video player and ad stack setup.


  • We have rebranded our player’s legacy loop ads feature to Loop ads. This feature has also been updated to provide better performance and will be much easier to use now; 
  • We added an option to grab iframe busting embed codes for all types of dynamic playlists;
  • We added an option to receive video tags in the playlist/view API response from our platform.

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If you have any questions about this update or need help with anything, get in touch with our support team over Zendesk or email.

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