Hi all – I’m doing a talk for event marketers as part of a wider event and I’d love some help please.

My talk will be around helping people use data (contact data and their CRMs) more effectively in marketing their events. Rather than a sales pitch for the company, I prefer to just show how I’d tackle specific problems that can help them out.

Typically I’ll talk about interesting ways to use data to produce better marketing – more personalised, interesting channels, creative angles etc. Or how to streamline annoying processes with automations.

I’m keen to make it as relevant for the audience as possible, so here’s my ask.

What are the most painful parts of marketing an event?

This could be getting sponsors, exhibitors – or finding the right kind or quantity of attendees or people to speak.

Also thinking about the what happens during the event, or post-event. Perhaps the registration list is filled with bad data and needs cleaning, or you need to demonstrate ROI in-house or to the attendees for example.

I’ve been involved in some events but it’s been a while. I’d love to hear from some of the experts.

Any and all input is most welcome!

Thanks all

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