I run a small video production company and I have a few tools I’m trying to combine for simplicity and effectiveness. I was using Keap for a CRM, but it was just too costly for me, and I wasn’t really using all the features. I’m actually pretty new to CRMs.

Here are my needs:

  • Market to potential clients through website and email campaigns
  • Track potential leads and engage with them in meaningful, not spammy, ways.
  • Move very quickly from interest -> Proposal -> signed contract. I tend to get stuck in this phase due to job costing and wanting to create beautiful proposals that end up taking too much time.

That’s pretty much it.

I currently have QuickBooks Advanced and QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium. I’ve tried using Mailchimp in the past and really liked it. However, I’ve never tried it as a full fledged CRM solution.

Has anyone had success doing job costing, marketing, proposals/signed contracts with just Quickbooks and Mailchimp?

I’m also looking adding in: Method, Ignition, Productive, Capsule, Nutshell, or Copper. In the past, I tried adding Pandadoc to Quickbooks for the proposal/contract signing step, but it was a broken app add-on.

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