Scale High-Performing Ad Sets

Advertisers often feel paralyzed when wanting to scale because they’re worried that the budget increase will restart the learning phase. Well, there may be relief…

High Performing

I talked about this in a separate video related to Opportunity Score, but it bears repeating. Also, a hat tip to Caleb Kruse for his video on it.

If you see “High Performing” in the Delivery column, it’s kind of a big deal.

High Performing Ad Set

The ad set from this campaign has had stable delivery and better performance compared to your ad sets with the same goal. High-performing ad sets won’t reenter the learning phase.

While restarting learning isn’t a death sentence for an ad set, it does mean you’ll at least temporarily lose stability and performance predictability while the algorithm learns. If your ad set is high performing, this is no longer an issue.

Some more details on the ad set side…

High Performing Ad Set

Although your cost per result may rise, our models predict better returns based on the increased investment.

And also:

To identify your ad set as high-performing, we consider multiple factors compared to your ad sets with the same goal, like scalability and coster per result.

What it Means

This makes a lot of sense. You can’t expect to scale your budget forever and get the same results. At some point, you expect diminishing returns.

But good and stable results make scaling far more beneficial. If you know that you’ll maintain stability, there’s far more reason to consider increasing your budget without that risk of ruining performance.

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