Run Ads On a Schedule

I first wrote about this (also called “dayparting”) in 2014, which is kind of ridiculous. It’s been around (and so have I).


How It Works

This is only available when using a lifetime budget.

Lifetime Budget

Under ad scheduling, hover over Run Ads All the Time and click Edit.

Run Ads On a Schedule

Then check the box to run ads on a schedule.

Run Ads On a Schedule

This allows you to select specific days and times when your ads are shown.

Run Ads On a Schedule

Set it based on the ad account’s time zone or the viewer’s time zone.

Run Ads On a Schedule

How to Approach This

Now, don’t think that you can game the system with this. Trust me, I tried it back in the day. I did some deep research on the days and times that led to the best cost per conversion.

But leveraging this didn’t help. Doing this usually just restricts the algorithm and drives up costs.

The classic example when this feature makes sense is if you’re running call ads. If you only have a support team available to answer calls on certain days and during certain hours, you probably don’t want to waste money on sending people to voicemail.

Beyond that, feel free to test it. But I have my doubts.

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