Hello Reddit,

I’m a bit nervous because this is my first assignment in a professional job as a student doing an internship, and I would love to get some feedback from you all. Thanks in advance!

I’m working for a non-profit in the healthcare field, and we’re looking to modernize our data collection process. Specifically, we want to start gathering client survey data via SMS text messaging with a link to an online survey. Previously, we did this on paper, but we need a more efficient method. This data is crucial for obtaining grants and better understanding our patients to serve them more effectively.

Here are our requirements:

  • Cloud Storage: We need to store the data in the cloud (but not on Google Sheets, as my boss prefers other solutions).
  • Automation: Ideally, the system should be automated so that a contact list can receive a text message once their phone number and name are entered into an Excel spreadsheet with a link to the survey in the text.

After some research, I’ve identified three potential candidates:

  1. SurveyMonkey: Offers many features but can be pricey. They have a potential non-profit discount, but details are unclear.
  2. QuestionPro: Offers a free non-profit license and seems to have a comprehensive feature set.
  3. Delighted: Provides an 85% discount for non-profits through TechSoup and is very user-friendly, but lacks some advanced features.

Additionally, I’m wondering if we even need a service like SurveyMonkey or QuestionPro. Could we achieve the same results using Twilio for SMS and Microsoft Forms for survey collection?

Can I please get some recommendations or advice on this matter? Your insights would be incredibly helpful!

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