Secret Sky: The Young Universe – a middle grade fantasy novel by T. Alan Horne Pre-order now and surprise your 8 – 12 year old with the much-anticipated, debut fantasy adventure series! The stars speak in a language of secrets, yet their stories cannot remain hidden forever. Do you ever dream of flying through the stars? Skylar does, but his dreams are more than just dreams—they’re the key to saving his world. Billions […]

Head Fake – poignant, hilarious, and sometimes perfectly uncomfortable novel by Scott Gordon “Head Fake is about how laughter can save us.” —Chris Rock, comedian, actor An absorbing, uplifting tale of finding light and self-worth in adversity’s darkest depths.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Mikey makes everything a joke, even the clinical depression he’s struggled with for years. After a run of failed jobs, he becomes the unlikely […]

Siphon: Power Comes With A Price by Jason Fox This book is on discount promotion on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $5.99) 7/12/2024 – 7/15/2024! Born and imprisoned in Area 51, human-alien hybrid Apollo uses his ability to kill with just a touch to escape his confines. As he learns more about a world he’s never known, can he save humanity from a looming […]

Leftover Girl by C.C. Bolick Free book promotion on Amazon 7/8/2024 – 7/12/2024! Family secrets, a power that defies science, and one girl’s fight for the truth… what will she give up to learn who she really is? From high school to the stars, first in a series packed with twists and turns.

Interview With Author James M Moten

                                 I IRS (My Hell of Life) 1. What inspired you to write this book? My tough life as a black person in America who      does not hate anyone. How my tough life paralleled the IRS.   2. What exactly is it about and who is it written for?  The book is a verification of     […]

Book Marketing Is Fun!

  Which of these things do/did you dislike doing the most? * Going on a diet * Reducing your spending * Looking for a job * Selling & buying a house * Creating a will * Training a puppy * Putting your dog down * Going to the dentist * Cleaning out the basement * […]

Interview With Author Matthew Johns

  1. What inspired you to write this book? Nearly dying was the catalyst for writing the book which is, in fact, one book split into three, with this book being the first of the soon-to-be-three ‘Angel O’Clock’s, as it were,  with another, say, two books ready to be typed -up on top…In addition to an ever-increasing […]

Interview With Medical Thriller Author Anthony Lee

    1. What inspired you to write this book? For several decades, medical thriller stories have captivated readers, thanks to authors like Robin Cook. I’ve read books of this genre as well as other thriller subgenres, like crime thrillers, enough to become inspired to write my own thriller stories. Given my background in medicine, it’s […]

Interview With Author Charles Bruckerhoff

  1. What inspired you to write this book?  I served in Vietnam in forward field positions, arriving in May 1968, just after the Tet offensive. The people, sights, sounds, smells, weapons, and losses have never faded. Through the decades since, I have tried to understand that war, like so many of my brothers in arms, […]

15 Ways To Boost Your Book Marketing Energy

    Authors know they need to be better at marketing their books. They need to step their game up — put in more time, invest more money, be more strategic, and operate more efficiently. Here is how you find your book marketing mojo and energy: 1. Just like the way you approach your writing, […]