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For the last seven years I have had a front row seat across Sales Hacker, Outreach and now, GTMfund on the explosion and evolution of the revenue technology category – now referred to as revenue orchestration. 

At GTMfund, having a comprehensive understanding of the category is essential. We need to make sure we are investing in the best B2B SaaS companies. 

With that overall vantage point, we get asked about the category all the time from people trying to figure out where to spend, where to invest and where we might be going.

Here’s a breakdown of our view and thesis on the category – let’s get into it.

The revenue orchestration category

How did we get here

The TL;DR:

  • Incumbents went horizontal, leaving the buyer starving for innovation.
  • There was a false start in new AI native entrants.
  • The consolidation battle will begin again soon.

Where there is opportunity 

It’s a busy landscape. Marketing technology alone has over 14,000 companies (source).

Despite this, there is always room for new companies to emerge.

However, in order to be successful in the current climate, companies need to be building two steps ahead. 

With the rate of evolution in technology, companies can’t build for the past or even the current – they need to build for the future go-to-market motions and needs. 

Our thesis:

  • There’s always room for innovation, not all of the value will flow to the larger players.
  • Where the opportunity is: new entrants have the opportunity to re-write the GTM playbook of the future and attack it using first principles thinking.
  • The competitive advantage will be changing the playing field, not just building tools that allow us to do the ‘predictable revenue’ model faster and cheaper. You need to spend just as much time thinking about what the new model will look like as you do building (or buying) tech.
  • We need to fall in love with our buyers again and meet them where they are. They don’t care about minor feature differences and whether or not you’re using AI. How does it make their lives easier to do business with you?

The 5 themes GTMfund is looking at

There are five broad themes we are focused on:

  1. Ecosystem-led growth.
  2. Signal-based sales.
  3. Reducing churn/getting closer to the customer.
  4. Social proof/peer-to-peer selling.
  5. Turning sellers into growth engineers.

The thesis:

  • The incumbents, for the most part, were not built natively to support these motions.
  • Many of these new AI native platforms don’t have any proprietary data that they own, they are relying on actions taken in other platforms to teach their LLM/AI models or 100% reliant on an outside model (risk, low margin).
  • There will be a graveyard of revenue orchestration companies over the next 5 years who fell in love with a technology rather than a solution to a problem/jobs to be done.
  • Whoever owns the actions = owns the data = can build the smartest LLM. Look for ways to have people take more and more unique actions on your platform.

Examples of companies we are investing in across these 5 themes:

  1. Ecosystem-led growth – platforms like Crossbeam and Cabal.
  2. Signal-based sales – platforms like Pocus.
  3. Reducing churn/getting closer to the customer – platforms like Arrows.
  4. Social proof/peer-to-peer selling – platforms like Noble.
  5. Turning sellers into growth engineers – platforms like Operator.ai.

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The next big player in the revenue technology space will not emerge because they have the best technology, as it’s becoming a commodity. Rather, it will dominate because they rewrite the go-to-market playbook and accurately predict/build how we will all buy/sell in the future.

There’s never been a more interesting time to be in go-to-market revenue. 

Barker ✌

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