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Having the right co-founder can determine the trajectory of your business. Conversely, having the wrong co-founder can also.

We took a sample from the GTMfund portfolio and are sharing the stories behind how co-founders met.

Whether you’re actively seeking a co-founder, might in future, appreciating your existing partner or celebrating your founders as a go-to-market leader, these serve as sources of insight and inspiration.

Let’s get into it.

The Stories Behind How Startup Co-Founders Met

Professional Colleagues

Company: PastSight

Cameron: “Mike and I worked together at CB Insights for years on the GTM team, where he eventually became a VP of Sales and I was the Head of Enablement. A few years later when I was leaving my job at the time, I reached out to Mike to catch up and he told me about his vision for PastSight. Serendipitously my consulting background aligned with what he was doing in the win/loss space and I joined Mike as a co-founder.”

Company: Capchase

“Luis, Guli and Miguel worked together at an early stage startup and they each led different product and GTM teams. Miguel and Przemek met at Harvard Business School, first socially and then started working on Capchase. We started during the summer of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, so we didn’t meet in person until 6 months after launching the business.”

Company: Demostack

Jonathan: “We founded a previous company together called Reactful where we actually had a really great demo and the reason was that he really wanted to invest in it and I wasn’t sure. Eventually we did and the demo was memorable to people 10 years after we sold our company. It was part of the reason why we founded Demostack, later knowing how big of a problem that was for us.”

Company: CloseFactor

Leena: “Ben and I met almost 15 years ago when we worked on the same product team at VMware. Ben met our third co-founder, Erik, when Ben’s startup was being acquired by Microsoft and Erik (whose startup was acquired by Linkedin, and then got acquired by Microsoft). Our first few meetings as founders were in various Palo Alto libraries, along with Erik’s one-year old, who for the most part was a “sleeping partner.”

Company: UserHub

Patrick: “We met during the formative years of another startup (Reonomy). Silas was the principal engineer, and I was the Head of Product. We formed a friendship after working side-by-side through many late nights. I enjoyed building products with Silas, and I knew I wanted to work with him again. So, here we are!”

Company: WorkRamp

  • Co-Founders: Ted Blosser and Arsh Mand.

  • How they met: Met during a road trip to Tahoe while working at Box.

“We met each other on a road trip to Tahoe in 2011. We were both working at Box at the time, and were stuck in a traffic jam for eight hours. It was the start of a lifelong friendship and business partnership, leading to the founding of WorkRamp in 2015.”

Social Media

Company: Arrows

Daniel: “Benedict and I met through Twitter. We had been following each other back in 2012 through game design circles we were both in. Then when I moved back to Chicago in 2013, we decided we should finally meet in person. It turns out we lived just two blocks from each other and we became fast friends. Together over the years we’ve built joke iOS apps, worked on big client projects, participated in each other’s weddings, and have now been building Arrows for around 5 years. I can’t help but feel it’s a superpower to have known, worked with and trusted someone for so long.”

Introduced by a Mutual Connection

Company: Keyplay

Adam: “We were introduced by Tim Porter, a great VC at Madrona here in Seattle. I was just catching up with Tim and mentioned to him that I was starting to think about doing another startup and wanted to start networking with possible technical co-founders. Coincidentally, Tim had met Andrew recently about his interest to do a startup, so he connected us over email. We met for a walk on a lovely spring day. We had a very long conversation about life, personal values, business philosophy, and startup ideas. After that we decided to find a small side project we could work on together to see if we liked collaborating. The project was a blast. At that point I figured we would be off to the races and co-found something, but Andrew had a baby on the way and decided it wasn’t quite the right time. We stayed in touch for several months… the baby arrived… Andrew’s life normalized a bit… the stars aligned… and the rest is history. We are forever grateful to Tim for connecting us.”

Company: Esper

“We met through a mutual investor friend!”

Spouse or Partner

Company: Closinglock

“In 2017, Abby was working at a real estate company when one of their home buyers nearly lost their life savings due to a spoofed email. After researching the problem with Andy, the two decided something needed to be created to protect home buyers. Andy’s engineering background and Abby’s real estate background made them a perfect pair to solve this massive problem.”

Educational Institution

Company: Default

  • Co-Founders: Nico Ferreyra and Victor Papyshev.

  • How they met: Met while in undergrad as co-captains of their university’s Formula SAE team.

“Victor and Nico met while in undergrad as co-captains of their university’s Formula SAE team, where they led a team of 35 students building a formula-style race car. They started working on their first software company shortly after, and eventually left to pursue building startups full-time. After building and selling products for a couple of years, they discovered a massive pain-point in the inbound sales workflow and went all-in on Default.”

Company: Row Zero

  • Co-Founders: Nick End and Breck Fresen.

  • How they met: Met in college on the cross country and track team.

Nick: “We met in college. He was a freshman when I was a senior and we were both on the Cross Country and Track Team at Carnegie Mellon. We stayed in touch after I graduated. Three years later when Breck was graduating, I was trying to get our first startup, Shoefitr, off the ground and needed a technical co-founder. It took 6 months of prodding and building interest before Breck quit his job at a high frequency trading firm and we went all-in on Shoefitr. After Shoefitr was acquired by Amazon, we both worked there before going our separate ways. Wanting to do another startup, Breck convinced me to join him and start building what is now Row Zero.”

Company: Pocus

Alexa: “I was at Stanford business school and he was at Stanford Engineering, but we actually met to apply to a class called Lean Launchpad where they help you incubate different startup ideas. I had this idea around unlocking data for go-to-market teams. I was co-founder dating, he was co-founder dating. I had four roommates at the time all at Stanford in the business school and everyone was trying to win over Isaac. It was like the Bachelor gone SaaS!”

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That’s it, that’s all. 

The startup stories range from professional colleagues, to social acquaintances, to mutual connections, to family. They ranged from knowing each other for 10+ years to have never met in person before.

There’s no “one size fits all” model for finding the right Co-Founder.

Enjoy the long weekend ahead for those who are in the US!

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