Image management question

I need help with some image management software or practices. We are the manufactures of the product. We take images and release the photos to 3rd party retailers, some of which have websites. If we make a change to a product and the image has to be updated, what are the best practices to make […]

What’s the craziest email marketing tactic you’ve seen?

When I was first hired, our president of sales was still managing our email marketing. Our spam score was really terrible (that’s a whole other story). He thought that by boosting email clicks on one email send he could fix our spam score issue. So he sent an email to our entire contact list — […]

Feel like I’m lacking skills

I feel like I’m lacking skills and when looking for new jobs, it’s like I never have what they want. I’ve been in marketing for 5 years, now sitting as a marketing specialist and want to move to manager level. I’ve done: social media ( from strategy, to content creation photography/videogrpahy, editing, copywriting, scheduling, social […]

4th of July email marketing: Best of the MarTechBot

Best of the MarTechBot showcases the MarTechBot’s responses to prompts submitted by readers. See more about how marketers are using MarTechBot here. The language model is based on content from MarTech embedded on top of ChatGPT. The editors of MarTech selected this response for its usefulness and have supplemented it with additional relevant content. I […]

The marketer’s guide to state data privacy laws

The 118th session of the U.S. Congress is drawing to a close and the legislators have again failed to pass a national data privacy law. This means marketers will soon have to comply with the regulations in 17 different states. Five are already in effect, 12 more will come online by October of next year. […]

8 tips to adopt vertical marketing and drive SaaS growth

As companies prioritize “efficient growth,” vertical software has gained prominence due to its lower customer acquisition costs, higher expansion sales and stronger gross retention than its horizontal counterparts. Here’s why you should consider adapting your horizontal software to attract vertical buyers, plus essential tips to help you go vertical. Software market growth: Taking a horizontal […]

Marketing’s future is directing disruption

“We have reached the retrofitting limit.” That was the message of Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone, Gartner senior director, in the first keynote at this year’s Marketing Symposium. Retrofitting is what marketing did in response to disruptions like the internet, then social media, then mobile. It is what many expect to continue to do in response to the […]

Unlocking customer loyalty: 5 core motivations powering personalized marketing

Personalization is a hot topic in martech, but the concept is nothing new. Lester Wunderman, known as the creator of modern direct marketing, outlined similar strategies in his 1996 book “Being Direct: Making Advertising Pay.” Chapters like “The Consumer, Not the Product, Must Be the Hero” and “Communicate with Each Customer or Prospect as an […]