For a while I’ve had a theory that seo marketers are the ones searching up keywords (they show up as a list of keywords related to each other by location or term, some in the dozens all at once). For a while I’ve been getting spam emails from our website from bots and brilliant internet marketers that think its a great idea to click my ad which costs me about $10 per click.

Today I got an email from an seo genius that apparently explained his method for searching keywords and saying he found my company and that he could do so much better than google ads. (he found me by the ad)

As I’m reading the email I’m thinking this guy definitely just cost me 10 bucks out of my daily budget and I would like to bill his company for his sales email.

Is it possible to stop these people, and to stop the spam bots? Does google have anything in place to refund me for these spam clicks?

I would love to only pay for a percentage of clicks that come through, it would only be fair as the efficiency is not 100% which we are being charged for.

assuming this is the cost of doin business, but figured I’d ask if theres anything that can be done to optimize or limit the spam.

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