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This book is on sale on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $4.99) 8/16/2021 – 10/16/2021!

Scam A-Lama Hardball is Book 2 in this humorous crime series described as “Hilarious!” and unique and exciting”. Onstage is Australian rock star Marc Charles, the target of another Show Business scam aimed at destroying his chances of making a comeback. His time is running out, so Marc is desperate to make this new album offer a success. A mysterious organisation set in the Bahamas is behind the deal. Marc thinks all he has to do is sign the contract for his new album to reboot his career. But wouldn’t you know it, there’s a catch …isn’t there always?

And then the crap really hits the blender. Facing his toughest challenge yet, Marc is hassled by the Taxman, some nasty Bosnians, a vengeful groupie and a half-witted secret agent.

With more girls, Classic rock, and plot twists than are healthy for an ageing rock star, the real question is can Marc reboot and make it to the top of the charts again without putting his back out? That’s Scam A-Lama Hardball for you. What could possibly go wrong?

Scam A-Lama Hardball is available on Pre-Order at $1.99 on Amazon. Release date October 13, 2021. Reserve your copy now at this special price.