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Image: Tadeusz Lakota

Sometimes the very thing we’re looking for is right under our nose. Today’s marketing tip fits into this category. And it could be worth an absolute fortune to you and your business.

Think for a moment about the following.

– The last email subject line you read, which was so intriguing that you had to open the email.

– The last special offer you discovered, which was so compelling that you had to either make a purchase or make an enquiry.

– The last newsletter article or blog post you read, which was so useful you had to share it with your friends.

– The last flyer you read, which was so well designed that it captured your attention.

– The last advertisement you saw or heard, which was so appealing that it caused you to buy something or contact the advertiser to find out more.

– The last contact form you used, which required so little personal information that you happily filled it in and pressed ‘send’.

– The last customer service experience you received, which was so memorable that you had to tell your friends about it.

Success leaves clues

Each of the above is an example of successful marketing. Proven illustrations of what it takes to motivate people to act; open an email, make a purchase, pay attention to something, make an enquiry or spread the word.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is that in many cases, these are ideas and tactics that you can adapt and incorporate into your own marketing.

Now consider this. Unlike general marketing ideas you get from a book or training course, you already know for certain that these will work. You know, because you saw the effectiveness for yourself.

As you can imagine, the tricky part is figuring out exactly how to successfully adapt and deploy these ideas. But don’t let that put you off. The up-side for getting it right is potentially huge.

Success leaves clues. And thankfully, the clues for marketing success are everywhere.