Bolmen, Järvfjället, Skärhamn, Kallax and Toftan. For years now the world has marveled at and struggled to pronounce IKEA product names. What most don’t realize is that the global furniture giant often names their wares for real places in Sweden. Now Sweden wants to invite the world to visit these fantastic locations.

The campaign presents 21 places to visit, everything from Viking monuments to picturesque towns, castles and silver mines, with activities from white-water rafting, to dog sledding, fly-fishing and ice swimming.

One such place is lake Bolmen, located in a scenic corner of the province of Småland, not far from Agunnaryd where IKEA’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, grew up. Here visitors have ample opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous natural surroundings canoe, hike and bike on trails, or pick mushrooms and berries. As a part of this campaign Bolmen is launching a new slogan: ”Bolmen – more than an IKEA toilet brush”.