How to increase video advertising conversion rates

Be it a startup or a medium business, all the entrepreneurs look forward to utilizing digital marketing strategies to expand their sales. Digital marketing includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. 

Gaining potential customers and having maximum customer visits per day depends on how you market your products and how they are being advertised. The publicity of your products lies in the category of social media advertisement. You do different activities such as posting images and text, video uploading, and adding creative content to drive audience engagement. 

Among all these strategies, having video ads work best to market the products and reach the maximum audience. Thus, video marketing is a powerful online tool that sells services and builds your brand. 

In 2021, digital video advertising spending in the United States was estimated at 55.34 billion U.S. dollars and the source projected the expenditure would increase to 78.5 billion by the end of 2023. Total digital ad spend in the U.S. was expected to increase from 191 to 250 billion U.S. dollars in the same time period.


Also, to make your advertising strategies more exciting, invest in video animation. Animated videos captivate users’ attention drive prospects to convert. Making an appealing video might be challenging so you may want to employ a video production and animation service to assist.

What are Video Ads?

Online video ads or video advertising is currently the most effective online ad medium. The promotional content on social media platforms plays before, during, or after streaming content. Some media marketing professionals also elongate the video advertising definition to include display ads with video content, such as those that start playing the video when a person puts a cursor of the mouse over them and native video ads promoted on digital ad networks.

Here’s an example of a short video ad that we produced:

There is no doubt that video advertising is one of the most popular ways to grow your business and reach online audiences. Experts anticipate and believe that video ads will dominate the next decade, suggesting that now is an ideal time for marketing professionals to expand their knowledge in this domain. Also, they should investigate how to improve their reach and overall effectiveness with different campaigns.

From adding catchy headlines to attaching powerful images, here are 5 excellent video ads tips that will boost your conversion rates via video marketing. 

Tips to Follow While Adding Video Ads 

For effective video marketing and a higher conversion rate, here are some tips and tricks in the creative process to consider. Your ad must be highlighting the problem that can be solved by your company or brand, use a good script for the video plan, and choose the right platform. Here are the 5 tips for video ads that bring conversions. 

  1. Make Your Video Ad’s Beginning Interesting and Highlight Your Brand

Getting the idea for your video ad is not enough to bring conversions because the beginning of your video is more important. If you don’t want viewers to skip the ad or click away, you must pay heed to the start of an ad to make the first few seconds notice and count. 

To hook your audience, make a little effort and start your video with a captivating statement by addressing some common problems, asking a relevant question, or adding something interesting that makes your brand stand out. 

All business owners want customers to see the ads ultimately; if they leave it in the interval, there are fewer chances for your sales to elevate. Thus, start your video ads with great visuals, and include proper images and clear text. 

Make sure the brand is highlighted and can spark the interest of customers quickly. For this purpose, you must tell the customers why your brand is excellent and how your services provide benefits. People expect everything from the quality of the product to customer support, so your ad must emphasize why your company is unique and reliable. 

  1. Social Proofs is Crucial in Video Ads 

Another tip to focus on while doing video production is social proof. It is an often-overlooked element of social media advertising. As we know that there is so much competition in the digital world, so you need to go above and beyond to induce your customers that you’re providing online quality services they can trust. Nevertheless, it is not easy to run in the same space with countless competitors. 

All the business owners have to apply these video production strategies to see their brand reaching higher levels. In this instance, building trust should be the priority. Without this factor, it will be pretty difficult to believe what you’re speaking to your audience. 

They might have doubts, especially when it is a top-of-the-funnel campaign where you’re interacting with the people who haven’t viewed your brand before. So, to infuse social proofs in video marketing, you can use testimonials, reviews, star badges, and user-generated content. 

Testimonials help take the words out of your customer’s mouth and then share the comments with the world.  The reviews or customers’ feedbacks describe the entire experience and how your services benefitted the customers. Further, these testimonials aid new customers in trusting your brand. 

Using user-generated content provides your prospects with customers that are enjoying your products or services. This works great for the middle of funnel campaigns and converts potential consumers on the fence.

  1. Use an Advertising Industry Secret

If you’re done with the creative idea and the beginning of the ad, you’re good to grab the users’ attention. But, what about the sales and conversion rate? It is pivotal to drive sales and get more clicks without spending several hours.

You all need to structure the ads for maximum sales. There’s one formula that advertising copywriters have relied on for many years to turn prospects into paying consumers consistently. The formula is called AIDA, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. You can use this formula to generate the video scripts and get more clicks automatically without investing hours banging your head against the wall.  

While doing video production, whether regular video or animation, you must grab a prospect’s attention, maintain the interest, build a passion for the products and then push them to act. These steps will ensure the ads remain relevant, engaging, and conversion-focused.

  1. Time of Your Video Ad

Most people watch the ads if they find them exciting but skip too early if the ad gets long. Thus, avoid turning your victory into a documentary. Keep the video ads short and sweet because the majority of the online video ads are 30 seconds or less. 

While video production, keep this optimal length in your mind as you create the script for the video. However, longer videos work too, when you’re dealing with brand positioning. For instance, if you’re describing an experience or a story about your brand that features a consumer or company representative, a longer video is ideal.

Either way, it’s necessary to omit irrelevant and unnecessary content. Also, try to spread your message as quickly as possible to keep the viewers watching and engaged. The length of your video ad must ensure that the customers don’t find it dull and unappealing. 

  1. Add a Call to Action

Whether it’s your video or an article adding a call to action plays a significant role in telling people what to do. Using a call to action (CTA) makes people inspired by the content and helps them decide if it’s OK to buy the product.

A call to action can be a statement or a few words that help users do next once they have watched the ad or read the complete article. 

Moreover, the goal of every video advertisement is to encourage the audience to take some action. The call to action (CTA) can either be filmed or added through text and graphics.

Ideally, it’s best to use the call to action at the end of the video. For example, to show your customers, they can visit your page or website for more details, sign up for a discount and deals, or purchase your products and services.

Video Advertising

Video advertising has become the strongest tool that keeps your customers connected with your brand.  With that being said, making creative, short, and engaging videos is essential. People don’t see everything you post on the social media platforms, they filter out the most engaging content, and when it comes to ads, they prefer the most interesting ones. Effective video marketing keeps you gaining customers, increasing sales and brand recognition. Therefore, the video ads must be made after considering the tips discussed in the article.

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