Subscription service case study for affiliate marketing
Subscription service case study for affiliate marketing

As sales in certain industries slowed or paused during the pandemic, companies in other sectors experienced the opposite: a boom in business. That boom hit subscription-based services in 2020, and it’s expected to continue into 2021 and beyond. But launching a subscription today doesn’t equal instant success tomorrow, especially in a crowded market.

Last year, a global VPN subscription service needed to build and manage an affiliate marketing program. They had limited resources, needed a single solution that would work for mobile and web, and wanted to work with any kind of partner, from bloggers and review site publishers to large affiliate networks.

Using the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform, this subscription service was able to onboard a variety of partners and pay out different commissions for each one – over 30 payout rules in all. This allowed them to optimize performance and maximize profit, both for the company and its affiliates. Over the last year, the subscription service has grown its affiliate program by 200% and increased revenue by 27%.

For more results and details on how this global subscription service used affiliate marketing and TUNE to find success during the pandemic, download the full case study.

Visit TUNE’s Customer Success Stories to see more use cases and examples from real users around the world.

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