Hi community!

It is my first time posting work here. I made a brand personality workshop kit, to help people organize workshop for their team to identify the brand personality.

The kit includes a physical print kit and a digital kit.

  • The physical kit is for a face-to-face workshop. Use a printer to print the sheets out and make personality cards out of them. Your team can be unplugged, having fun with arts and crafts, and in the meantime, getting aligned on the direction of the company brand.
  • The digital kit is for an online virtual workshop. It is Notion templates. Duplicate the templates to your Notion workspace, and invite your teammates to it. Everyone can be hands-on moving personality cards around, just like a face-to-face workshop, despite not being in the same physical location.

Check it out, I am offering a discounted price at $1 with coupon code limitedsale


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