How to Develop Farmers and Hunters to be More Effective

There is a hierarchy in the sales world. Most sales leaders come from the days when salespeople were responsible for every step in the sales process. You had to find your leads, get an appointment, and ultimately close the deal. You only ate what you killed. We were hunters, so we tend to favor and even value […]

Episode 37: Finding Passion in Manufacturing: The Concept of Ikigai

Transcript Ray Dick: If we can’t get to young people and inspire them in fifth or sixth grade or younger, we’ve already really missed our chance. If they’re going into manufacturing at the high school level, they made that decision a long time ago. What we really have to do is show people, young people […]

8 Seaweed Startups Riding the $18.4B Green Wave

Welcome to Trends, a weekly newsletter with the zestiest business trends and actionable insights for entrepreneurs. Back in 2020, the Trends team discovered a type of seaweed that was trending like crazy — Irish Moss. “This superfood trend has gathered steam alongside the COVID-19 pandemic and will likely remain popular moving forward, as an age-old […]

The Revenue Orchestration Category

Hello and welcome to The GTM Newsletter – read by over 50,000 revenue professionals weekly to scale their companies and careers. GTMnow is the media extension of GTMfund – sharing insight on go-to-market from working with hundreds of portfolio companies backed by over 350 of the best in the game executive operators who have been […]

8 Revenue Enablement Strategies That Get Results

Ever feel like your sales team is working twice as hard but not seeing the results your business is aiming for? You’re not alone. Many teams face challenges that keep them from hitting their targets. Whether it’s sales and marketing not syncing up, using outdated tools, or outdated processes, these problems can slow progress. Adopting […]

Are You, as a Sales Manager, Consistent and Predictable?

I often have conversations with sales managers who lament their teams’ lack of accountability, implementation, and follow-through. They talk about struggling to get new initiatives or processes adopted consistently. In these situations, my typical response is: “Let’s talk about your weekly one-on-one meetings and how you use them to drive accountability.” One-on-one meetings between managers […]