For Better Sales Results Look to the Past

From win rates and quota attainment to prospective clients’ opinions of salespeople, all the important KPIs in B2B sales have collapsed all at once. At one point, technology held exciting promise for our industry. Now, it is ubiquitous and banal.

PLG: How to Turn A Free Sign-Up Into An Enterprise Logo

Another busy week in ‘the city that never sleeps’. Beyond meeting founders and LPs all day, I’m slowly eating my way through New York City. I’ll take all the Big Apple food recommendations that you have! Anyway, let’s get into it. Thanks for reading The GTM Newsletter! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and […]

How to Succeed As a Woman in Business With Holly Hunt

In today’s episode, it is our greatest privilege to have a very special guest, Holly Hunt, who has spent over 17 years in the telecom and tech industries. Holly has not only garnered numerous accolades but has also broken barriers as a woman in business and sales. With her wealth of experience, she’s here to […]

The Sandler Coaching Contract

Without trust, effective sales coaching is impossible, and without a good coaching contract, trust between salesperson and coach is virtually impossible. That’s why it is so important to establish an agreement or verbal contract for the coaching process, much like the up-front contract that salespeople learn to establish during sales calls in order to set […]

The Easy Button Makes Selling Hard

One office store used the “easy button” in their promotions. They even had easy buttons available for purchase in their stores. While there is nothing wrong with making things easy for your clients or customers, in B2B sales most attempts to make things easier make selling difficult. When one tries to cheat nature, nature cheats […]

17 Best Sales Tracking Software

Hitting your goals requires tracking your progress along the way. It’s like running a marathon. You can’t train if you don’t know how far you’re jogging. That’s why you need sales tracking software to help hit your revenue goals. The right software can help your sales team optimize its strategies and close more deals. You’ll […]

Will Your Job Go The Way Of The Dinosaur?

Regardless of the industry you are in, there is no doubt that you risk seeing your job function become extinct. Think about the travel industry. Twenty years ago, who would have ever thought it was possible to book a business trip that included two different cities, multiple flights, car rentals, hotels, and more, all without […]

What Is CRM Integration? Everything You Need to Know

Having all your applications work together to create a complete view of the customer feels like a dream. Now, you can make this vision a reality with CRM integration. Integrations connect all of your applications with your CRM. If you need a specific app to organize your data, you can add it to the power […]

Warm Calling: 15 Actionable Tips to Power Up Your Sales Outreach

You allow your marketing team to gain the interest of potential customers before they begin the buyer’s journey with you. This is generally a good process, but sometimes the numbers fall, and you have to keep your pipeline full. So, how do you create net new opportunities if your inbound leads are running dry? You […]