Ceros, the interactive content platform, has announced new integrations that will enable direct delivery of its creative content to the sales enablement platforms Highspot and Showpad.

What Ceros does. Ceros offers a collaborative digital canvas for the creation of interactive and animated content with no coding required. It offers industry-specific templates and preset animations. It already integrates with a wide range of CMSs.

Building a connected creative stack. These integrations will facilitate the distribution of content created in Ceros to sales teams within the sales enablement tools they use daily. They come in addition to a series of other recent Ceros integrations:

  • With Adobe Marketo Engage and HubSpot, allowing users to deploy forms or other assets from their marketing automation systems within Ceros creative experiences.
  • With the Getty Images stock image and video library and the Noun Project SVG icon library.
  • With social platforms including Pinterest and Snap.

Why we care. It’s about standing out from the crowd. Prospects are bombarded with digital content, from websites and landing pages to white papers and eBooks. Ceros’s interactive content offering is one of the solutions out there that supports the creation of experiences that can be engaging, drawing longer user attention spans and reinforcing brand identity.

We see Ceros gradually extending its solution, now across sales as well as marketing organizations, to increase the efficiency of the connected creative stack.

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